Whether it’s a base-layer solution or a new financial product, it seems like every week, there’s a new reason to be fundamentally excited for bitcoin and ethereum.

And when the charts speak to these fundamental narratives, the possibilities become even more attractive.

Let’s dig in.

Ethereum Financial products come to market

Last week, Ethereum was the subject of much online discussion — a lot of which was a salty take on the platform’s future.

At the same time, Ethereum financial products are launching just as a major scaling solution that could increase Ethereum’s throughput by 100x is about to hit the platform’s mainnet this month.


It’s been an eventful week and it’s only Wednesday. The crypto-market witnessed a substantial pull-back that accelerated through Tuesday before levelling off and recovering slightly during Wednesday morning trading.

First, we’ll review the news of Tether’s settlement with the New York Attorney General’s office. Second, we’ll analyse the BTC/USD’s short-term breakdown and underline higher time frame points of interest for macro trend continuation. Finally, we’ll discuss the implication’s of Ethereum’s re-test of its prior all time high.

I’ll keep this concise and to the point.

Let’s dig in.

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source: coingecko.com

A Busy Week for Bitcoin

Monday and Tuesday saw $4.4 billion in long liquidations, and all time…

Bloody Monday saw the bitcoin market cap retreat from $1.08tn to $978bn in the largest liquidation event in crypto history.

Let’s dig in.

Ethereum retreats after printing $2,000 ATH

Ethereum hit $2,050 over the weekend before retreating to $1500 in a massive mass liquidation event. In aggregate, total crypto long liquidations (mostly BTC and then ETH) hit $3.3 billion in the last 12 hours.

On Kraken exchange, ETH even traded below $700 at one point — over 50% less than other exchanges, which saw ETH bottom out above $1,500.

Consequently, this event raises questions about Kraken’s liquidity and whether the exchange should refund its users in…

Bitcoin has continued its march higher this week, with the most recent move playing out in real-time as bitcoin makes headway into the mid $51,000’s. Strange as it may sound, bitcoin is now closer to $100,000 than it is to zero.

Let’s dig in.

The Michael Saylor Effect Strikes Again

On the news end of things, derivatives traders bought aggressively as MicroStrategy announced yet another $600 million debt issuance solely to buy ‘additional bitcoin.’ Unlike the Tesla announcement, MicroStrategy hasn’t issued the debt yet, which means this is a statement of future acquisition of bitcoin. …

In a little over a year, the Tether market cap doubled from $15 billion to $31 billion as corporate and retail investors flood into bitcoin and crypto in search of an inflationary hedge against infinitely available cash.

Today, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are on the precipice of another major move.

Let’s dig in.

Tether market cap crosses $30 billion after Tesla announcement

Institutional and corporate investment has propelled Tether (USDT) inflows significantly higher, pushing the stablecoin’s market cap well beyond the $30 billion milestone.

In fact, the USDT market cap currently sits at $31.9 …

The Ethereum CME futures launch hasn’t had the effect bearishly-biased investors warned about. Instead, the entire cryptocurrency space has made new all time highs as Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins take off.

Let’s dig in.

Ethereum hits $1,800 for the first time after CME futures launch

Ethereum’s price hit a new record on Tuesday just a day after the Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched its ETH futures product.

The crypto rallied to $1,850 before consolidating, printing an 8% mark-up from peak to trough in 24 hours. This performance coincides with a fresh record in Bitcoin prices, which came after Tesla revealed a $1.5 …

As the total market cap of crypto reaches a new paradigm, bitcoin and ethereum balances on exchanges continue to dwindle, but for different reasons.

Let’s dig in.

ETH & BTC balance on exchanges resume downtrend

Crypto is booming, so much so that last weekend (6–7 Feb) saw the total market capitalisation of the industry surge to fresh all time highs as a swell of new investment tools became more widely known to bitcoin and ethereum investors.

In just three days, markets added $500 million to their growing coffers, reaching a total market cap of $1.23 trillion, per data from CoinGecko.

By and large, the majority of growth came…

Every once in a while, it’s necessary to dispel unfounded rumours of bitcoin’s imminent demise. One such rumour goes something like this: “a few people own the bitcoin supply, therefore it can be manipulated at will and you’re left holding the bags.”

Aside from the fact that bitcoin is a maturing asset, this statement is plainly false.

Also, why would you sell the currency of the future for the currency of the past?

Let’s dig in.

Bitcoin Supply Distribution remains Decentralised

A Bloomberg report in late 2020 stated that about “2 % of accounts control 95% of all bitcoin.” And indeed, raw data on bitinfocharts.com…

Elon Musk made history by placing his full support behind bitcoin today. In a streamed discussion with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev, he said: “I am late to the party but I am a supporter of bitcoin”. This came a few days after Musk changed his Twitter profile description to ‘bitcoin’.

Interestingly enough, Elon’s public endorsement of bitcoin comes at a time when legacy financial markets have been openly caught defrauding their own users.

Let’s dig in.

Legacy Finance is Broken: Decentralised Finance is Ready

Last week, we covered on-chain data which underlines that there is room for growth for bitcoin’s price.

Today, the richest man alive told the…

Years from today, I suspect many of us will look back at what we achieved with an acute smile on our faces. A mixture of complicated motives, some selfish and others not so much, have brought generations of people from all over the world to topple the traditional financial system, and there’s nothing that can stop it — or at least, that’s what the data suggests.

Let’s dig in.

Adjusted SOPR Reset Opens the door for more upside

Bitcoin’s adjusted SOPR (Spent Output Profit Ratio) has reset to normal levels after surging for several months. Briefly, this means that coins which are exchanging hands between investors every (24-hour average)…


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