In this technically heavy issue we dive into the Bitcoin breakout against the dollar and the potential implications after a lengthy consolidation period. Meanwhile, Ethereum price-action suggests a potential rotation of capital inflows into decentralised financial applications and tokens.

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ConsenSys Closes $65 million Funding Round led by JPM, Mastercard

The Ethereum-focused software firm, ConsenSys, has raised $65 million from a group that includes two major banks, a top financial services firm and several digital asset industry startups and investors.

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All eyes are on the Coinbase IPO as expectations of volatility around the launch increase. In the meantime, on-chain data shows that bitcoin remains in a strong and healthy uptrend.

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Coinbase IPO as a proxy for crypto inflows

Coinbase, one of the world’s most popular exchanges will be available for public trading on the Nasdaq’s on Wednesday 14th. With earning’s figures surpassing expectations, the IPO is a major event to look out for as a proxy for cryptocurrency markets.

Data points of interest:

Peter Thiel has spoken out on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in what appears to be a grand strategy to maintain the United States’ leadership position on the world stage amidst a rising Eastern power.

Peter Thiel is a “pro-crypto” and “pro-Bitcoin maximalist,” but in a recent podcast with the Richard Nixon Foundation, he outlined the possibility of crypto undermining America and inadvertently aiding its rivals in the East.

Various interpretations made headlines after the comments, but as Anthony Pompliano pointed out on CNBC, Thiel is likely sending a message to the US to avoid falling behind on the crypto trend by…

Over the years there has been no small amount of chatter, infighting and discussion about the second largest cryptocurrency in the world: Ethereum. This is my attempt at demystifying the abstraction while making the case for Ethereum’s success.

In Brief

Contrary to popular opinion, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not a zero-sum…

Often enough you might find yourself wondering: what is Ethereum really and why should I bother with it? Without boring you with too much information, Ethereum is simply a smart-contract platform that cannot be shut down. If you want to deploy a smart-contract application, you can do it with a few lines of code and voila you have yourself unstoppable code. Since it can’t be stopped, a smart contract will be executed no matter what — even if one party changes their mind or the government bans it. In a way it is a machine which ensures that promises will…

Here’s why.

Bitcoin’s history is filled with attempts to register an ETF with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), none of which have been successful so far. However, this could be about to change for a number of reasons.

Meanwhile, the bitcoin sell-off appears to have been cut short as buyers stepped in just before a record $6 billion in options contracts expire this weekend. The balance of probabilities has shifted in a mere 48 hours.

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The lack of a Bitcoin ETF in the United States (and elsewhere) has led institutional investors to seek other avenues such as…

A total of $60 billion are now floating in US Dollar stablecoins, with USDT and USDC taking the lion’s share as the most widely used fiat-crypto assets in the industry. Meanwhile, decision time is fast approaching for bitcoin as it coils up into what could be an imminent explosive move.

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USDC tops $10 billion in supply for the first time ever

The USD Coin (USDC) supply has exceeded $10 billion for the first time, reaching 1/4th of Tether’s supply by market cap.

A recent stablecoin research report by the Block shows that CENTRE, a consortium founded between Coinbase and Circle, first issued USDC in September 2018, with an…

Institutional investors are diversifying their cryptocurrency holdings, and ETH is the main beneficiary of this diversification effect.

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Institutional ETH investments accounts for 50% of crypto inflows

Ethereum has the attention of major institutional players, with ETH-related investment products attracting $113 million — nearly 50% of the total of crypto inflows recorded last week. Grayscale ETHE inflows have been increasing over the last 30 days and accelerated dramatically overnight relative to last week (4447 inflows in 24 hours), per Grayscale data below.

The crypto platform is up more than 120% since the start of 2021. Grayscale has 3.18 million ETH under management valued at $5.7 billion in…

I remember $60,000 BTC like it was yesterday.

But in any case, the great bitcoin long is not as interesting as the Ethereum trade that’s been bubbling under the surface for weeks.

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Ethereum exchange reserves dwindle as institutions accumulate more

The Ethereum exchange supply reached fresh lows last week, continuing a multi-month trend that first started in August 2020. The persistent downtrend indicates that high net worth individuals, institutions and whales are moving large sums of ETH from exchanges into custodial wallets, as revealed by Whale Alert.

Since February 3rd, Ethereum underperformed compared to other altcoins like Polkadot (DOT) and Binance coin (BNB), which is interesting considering that ETH is the only ‘altcoin’ (if you could call it that) with increasing institutional backing. In fact, in late February-early March, the world’s first Ethereum ETF was filed by CI Global Asset…

The bitcoin bull run is quickly turning into a marathon as money piles into the pioneer cryptocurrency — so much so that even Bloomberg Intelligence recognised its growing popularity over gold.

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Bloomberg Intelligence: Institutions Prefer Bitcoin to Gold ETFs

There’s a sharp uptick in the number of investors choosing bitcoin over gold, according to new data from Bloomberg Intelligence.

Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone, a senior commodity strategist, pointed to convincing figures showing an accelerated influx into bitcoin in recent months. …


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