Alt Season or Salt season? Techncial Levels to Keep on Your Chart

eToro To Delist Cardano and Tron for US over Regulatory Concerns

Popular exchange eToro announced this week that it is delisting Cardano and Tron for US users due to regulatory concerns. Starting December 26, users in the United States won’t be able to open new ADA or TRX positions.

Technically speaking

The Altcoin market

Ethereum is showing strength against Bitcoin. The ETH/USD pair held $4,000 and has printed several bullish signals which historically infer that altcoins are primed to rally.

Litecoin retests breakout structure

LTC/USD has retested the technical breakout structure and currently trades at $211.

  • $200 is strong support until proven otherwise.
  • Lose $200 and $186 should be the bottom (assuming bull market continuation).

Compound Breaks Down into a Range?

In the last analysis, I said that a break of the COMP/USD trend could unlock a cascade of selling pressure, and if that didn’t happen then the crypto is likely ranging.

DYDX bottoming?

DYDX/USD is facing a similar technical picture as Compound.

The Ample opportunity

This chart needs no introduction for those in the telegram group.

Final thoughts

Two narratives are currently at odds with one another (who would have thought right?) — one were the market experiences a blow-off top by the end of Q4 2021, and another where the cycle extends into 2022. While crypto could have already topped (i.e. bear market time), this is the least likely possibility in my estimation. Bear in mind, the global turmoil we are witnessing right now, where things don’t add up is no mere coincidence — this is the first chapter of the last book that defined an age (speaking figuratively it’s not the apocalypse. Life goes on). This is the great monetary renegotiation of our time.

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