An oversold Altcoin Market Teeters on the Brink. Here’s the long and short of it.

Bank of America: US Will Release a CBDC by 2030

The Bank of America believes that a USD central bank digital currency (CBDC) is “inevitable”, and that it would take on a massive role in the monetary system by 2030.

Technically speaking

ETH Bounces off $2,000

Ethereum/Dollar is is trading around $2,500, up 14% since Monday, while the BTC pair consolidated its retreat below ₿0.07.

Litecoin Prints Bullish Divergence

Litecoin is rarely ever in a good spot these days. The market now expects a Litecoin pump to be followed by a swift market-wide dump, which brings into question whether the demand and supply dynamics are even functioning.

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Chris on Crypto

Journalist-turned crypto-writer & analyst; forging the narrative, stacking sats.