Fidelity Releases 2021 Research Report; Anticipates Central Bank Will Buy BTC in 2022

Fidelity Digital Assets Publishes 2021 Research Report

Fidelity Digital Assets published their yearly crypto report which covered regulatory and institutional developments, bitcoin mining and general industry expansion.

ETH Is only Bullish Above $4,000

Ethereum/Dollar is exchanging hands around its weekly support at $3,000 — $3,300. The ETH/BTC pair retested ₿0.077 and got rejected, opening the door to further losses. ₿0.069 is the first level of interest, but since ETH/BTC doesn’t trade like the Dollar pair I would take that pivot point with a grain of salt.

Can LTC form a Macro bottom near $137?

Litecoin is ranging at the lows, currently exchanging hands at $136. As with the rest of the market, Litecoin/Dollar is trying to find a bottom. Meanwhile, LTC/BTC is performing its ritual ‘mountain range’ pattern where it retraces all gains against bitcoin within the span of a day. Still, ₿0.003 appears to be a resilient level so far, and with renewed strength, dev. updates and increasing decentralisation in the ecosystem, there’s a lot to be excited about.

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