Fresh data shows big institutions are stacking sats like there’s no tomorrow

Fidelity: Institutions are stacking sats

Big institutional investors are coming around to the idea of cryptocurrencies, with Fidelity just revealing that over 36% of American and European funds own cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. In the US, 27% of institutions admit to own some form of another of cryptocurrency — a number which has soared to a whopping 45% across Europe. In this context, institutions often refer to pension funds, hedge funds, and family offices.

Are countries sliding into negative interest rates?

The unprecedented monetary and fiscal policies which have been deployed these last few months appear to be just the beginning of a long-term trend. In fact, many economies are now seriously considering negative interest rates, most notably due to the lack of tools to combat this economic recession. Historically, central banks are able to cut interest rates in order to stimulate growth in the economy. But today, most major economies have already implemented significantly low rates or none at all.

Miner selling pressure subsides

A recent tweet from analytics firm Glassnode has shown that miner selling pressure has eased off quite dramatically over the months, suggesting that the highly-feared “miner capitulation” is over — at least for the time being.

Technically speaking

Lower Time Frame (LTF) 1-hour paints a mixed picture

1-hour btc chart
1-day btc chart

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