Interest Rate Hikes & Historical SPX Behaviour offer Counter Intuitive Insights

The EU Surveillance State Plans to Spy on Everyone in Europe

European officials are again threatening to undermine basic privacy rights, tabling a bill that would introduce the largest mass surveillance tool ever deployed outside China.

Technically speaking

Key BTC/USD Liquidity Resting Higher

Bitcoin/Dollar closed an 8th consecutive red weekly candle, falling 3.2% over the prior close at $30,200.

SPX Descending Broadening Wedge

The S&P500 tanked 20.8% since reaching its all-time highs in January. Over the course of Q1-Q2, prices fell into the value area just under $3,900 so far.

Dollar Index Tops Out?

While the USD Index has no direct influence on Bitcoin (as over 50% is measured against the Euro), it may offer confluence for a rotation into risk assets moving forward.

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Chris on Crypto

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