Is it Time to “Sell in May and Walk Away”?

Fidelity To Allow Investors to Hold Bitcoin in 401k Retirement Accounts

Fidelity Investments, the largest retirement plan provider in the United States, will allow investors to put bitcoin in their 401k accounts. The endorsement of the US’ biggest retirement plan indicates that crypto investing is moving further into mainstream consciousness.

Technically speaking

Ethereum OBV and Price at Odds

Ethereum/Dollar is down -1.50% on the week, after having recovered from a correction to $2,770 on Wednesday.

Polkadot Enters Bottom of the Range

Polkadot/Dollar is an asset I’ve been eying for some time, as telegram readers will know. DOT/USD has ranged between $10-$52 at the extremes, and currently sits at the low end of the trading range ($17).

Litecoin Tests Monthly Support

Litecoin/Dollar continues to exist on the precipice, down -4% on the week. The coin tested monthly support this week, dropping to $96 before recovering on Wednesday.

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