The Crypto Comms #12

  1. Ethereum analysis
  2. Latest happenings
  3. Listening material

Technically speaking

The proxy reality

There is a world where Bitcoin/Dollar is no longer a barometer for the rest of the crypto market. For better of worse, I believe this is where crypto is heading next. Not only is market dilution of first principles taking place over time, but Bitcoin’s nature is inherently conservative and slow-moving by design. And as I’ve said before, money will accommodate the entire spectrum of human behaviour.

Ethereum analysis

Ethereum/Dollar lost all gains it made last week, and dropped -11.6% to sweep the weekly low before buyers stepped in. The high-time-frame reversal was denied as ETH/USD continued to chop alongside BTC/USD, albeit with more relative volatility.

ETH/USD H4 chart levels of interest; Sweep of last week’s low

Latest happenings

Listening material



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Chris on Crypto

Chris on Crypto


Journalist-turned crypto-writer & analyst; forging the narrative, stacking sats.