The Crypto Comms #16

  1. Ethereum analysis
  2. Litecoin analysis
  3. Latest happenings
  4. Listening material

Technically speaking

Bitcoin analysis

After a ‘Darth Maul’ weekly candle, Bitcoin/Dollar is down -2.5% week on week. Prices reached $24,770 before retreating and closing off the month of July at $23,340.

BTC/USD levels of interest

Ethereum analysis

Ethereum/Dollar is a similar trade to Bitcoin/Dollar. The only reason one would consider ETH/USD over Bitcoin is if there’s a convincing rationale for ETH/BTC to traverse higher. Presently, there is, but it remains to be seen if there will be follow-through to the range high at around 0.083 Sats.

ETH/USD levels of interest

Litecoin analysis

Litecoin/Dollar is down -4% week-on-week. Reclaiming $59 opens the door to new local highs above last week’s high ($64). Litecoin is one of the most volatile high market-cap coins around — when this asset witnesses expansion, it’s best not to fade it. The coin has also traded at generational lows versus Bitcoin, substantially tilting the risk-reward profile in favour of wild upside targets in my estimation (unless you think it’s going to zero).

LTC/USD levels of interest;

Latest happenings

Listening material

Energy misinformation with Michael Shellenberger

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