The Crypto Comms #17

  1. Ethereum analysis
  2. Macro risk on or risk off?
  3. Latest happenings
  4. Listening material

Technically speaking

Bitcoin analysis

Bitcoin is up 1% week-on-week but remains below the pivotal $24,800 level at the time of writing.

BTC/USD levels of interest; $23,160 pivot point

Ethereum analysis

Ethereum/Dollar continues to outperform Bitcoin/Dollar due to the ‘merge hype’. The number of daily addresses on Ethereum breached its all-time high and ETH futures open interest eclipsed that of BTC according to ‘volume dominance’ data by Coinalyze.

ETH/USD levels of interest; $1,550

Macro risk on or risk off?

A potential catalyst for a ‘big move’ is expected around Wednesday’s US Consumer Price Index (CPI) announcement. Fundamental economic readings tend to be accompanied by volatility in markets. Declining inflation would be positive for risk assets, as it indicates that the Fed may pivot on its interest rate hikes sooner rather than later.

Latest happenings

Listening material

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Chris on Crypto

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