The Crypto Comms #20

  1. Ethereum analysis
  2. Mass psychology
  3. Latest happenings
  4. Listening material

Technically speaking

Bitcoin analysis

Bitcoin rolled back eight weeks of upward grind in two weeks. Much has been attributed to Jerome Powell’s hawkish stance on risk assets on Friday, where he said the Fed would continue to “use tools forcefully” in battling inflation, while warning of “some pain” ahead.

Ethereum analysis

Ethereum is leading the crypto market, and has been strengthening against Bitcoin since the initial breakout on July 16. The merge hype is arguably in full swing, and ETH/USD (along with LTC/USD) is currently acting as a leading indicator for Bitcoin/Dollar.

ETH/USD H4; levels of interest & liquidity areas.

Mass psychology

Latest happenings

Listening material

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Chris on Crypto

Chris on Crypto

Journalist-turned crypto-writer & analyst; forging the narrative, stacking sats.