The Crypto Comms #8

  1. Ethereum analysis
  2. Latest happenings
  3. Listening material

Technically speaking

Market context

The market context continues to be a mixed bag, bordering on mediocre. The crypto credit crunch is real as large funds and firms are unable to meet their margin calls.

Ethereum analysis

Ethereum/Dollar exchanges hands at $1,131 at the time of writing. The pair is down -5.7% week-on-week. ETH/USD did not even have enough strength to test the primary D1 trend (20-ema), currently sitting at $1,265. Until this moving average is taken out, I expect choppy cerebral pvp-trading to continue.

ETH/USD 20-daily EMA (white dotted line)
ETH/USD H4 Levels to watch

Latest happenings

Listening material



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Chris on Crypto

Chris on Crypto


Journalist-turned crypto-writer & analyst; forging the narrative, stacking sats.